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“The Pain from Someplace Else”

Myofascial Pain and Trigger Point Therapy

3 Hours Continuing Education

Carolyn McMakin, M.A.,D.C.

Private Practice
Portland, Oregon

Nerve Entrapments

When a nerve passes through a muscle between taut bands, or when a nerve lies between taut bands and the bone, the unrelenting pressure on the nerve can cause neuropraxia in the region of compression. Patients with nerve entrapments will have the aching and referred pain characteristic of the TP's and the nerve compression effects of numbness, tingling, hypoesthesia and sometimes hyperesthesia.

Table of Entrapments

Nerves Muscles
Supraorbital Frontalis
Greater Occipital Semispinalis Capitis
Brachial plexus, lower trunk Scalenes
Sensory Radial Brachialis
Radial Triceps Brachii
Deep Radial Supinator
Ulnar Flexor Carpi Ulnaris
Digital Interossei
Brachial Plexus Pectoralis Minor
Posterior Primary Rami Paraspinal Muscles

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