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There are several caveats that must be stated when assessing these results.

  1. First, this sample was definitely not average or random.  The patient sample was refractory to other treatment techniques but they had been led to expect a positive outcome by their referring physicians. 
  2. Second, there was no systematic control group or sham treatment.  This is a working clinical practice and our patients, their referring doctors and their third party payers expect results and positive outcomes. 
  3. And thirdly, microcurrent was not the only thing we did to treat these patients.  The microcurrent treatment made the most obvious, immediate and dramatic differences in muscle tissue and range of motion, but nutritional support, exercise and manipulation most likely contributed to the speed of recovery and permanence of the results.

We began teaching this treatment method in January, 1997. Chiropractors, physical therapists and naturopathic physicians are using this treatment method in clinical practice and the results look promising.  Early reports indicate that our results are reproducible.

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