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Side Effects and Contraindications

Side effects include a post treatment detoxification reaction starting approximately 90 minutes after treatment and lasting six to twenty-four hours.  Symptoms include slight to moderate nausea, flu-like aching and sometimes a slight increase in pain.  This reaction can usually be avoided by consumption of two quarts of water in the first three hours after treatment and use of a supplement which provides phase one and phase two liver detoxification pathway substrates.  The reaction was less pronounced after the fifth or sixth visit, presumably because liver detoxification pathway enzymes increased with the increased demand.

Five patients didn't tolerate microcurrent.  One had had her first rib removed, a cervical fusion performed and a spinal stimulator installed. She experienced muscle spasm when microcurrent was applied, even when the stimulator was turned off.   One had confirmed Agent Orange exposure and experienced muscle spasms when microcurrent treatment was attempted.  One was a three pack a day smoker who didn't tolerate any electrical modality including TENS. Two were patients with spinal cord injuries who progressed from numbness to hyperesthesia after brief exposure to microcurrent.  The usual cautions and contraindications for microcurrent were otherwise observed.  It is not to be used through the eye or through a pregnant uterus or on patients with demand type pacemakers.

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