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Microcurrent machines

For years, sports medicine has used localized electrical current to block pain in professional athletes.  What medicine has now discovered is that smaller amounts of electrical current can be used to stimulate healing on a more basic cellular level.

The body can utilize very small amounts of current (millionths of an amp) to stoke the healing fires within each individual cell:  increase cell wall permeability, stimulate critical protein production and promote ATP (natural biochemical energy) availability.

Beginning from this cellular level, applications of microcurrent can trigger a dynamic restorative sequence and reverse the damage of years:  healing each cell and fiber;  banishing fibrosis and restoring circulation to complete the task.  What is truly remarkable is that this process works quickly.  There is minimal discomfort and usually a rapid result.

Graphite Gloves

Graphite Gloves deliver control and sensitivity

Current in amounts so tiny it cannot be felt is delivered throught the finger tips of black graphite gloves.  This allows the therapist maximum sensitivity in reaching the trigger point or other tissue for treatment.

What is noticed most often is a sudden release of stress and tension in the damaged muscles as they are healed.  In many situations the results are immediate and dramatic.  In treating Fibromyalgia, however, there can be no guarantees.  Most patients have experienced reduced symptoms and some have returned to normal function.

The use and expansion of microcurrent technology continues to open new doors of relief for patients with painful muscle conditions that were previously considered untreatable.  These include:

  1. TMJ
  2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  3. Chronic Lower Back Pain
  4. Shoulder & Neck Pain
  5. Whiplash

Electro-acupuncture using microcurrentElectro-acupuncture

Small cotton-tipped probes are moistened and used to conduct microcurrent therapy directly to trigger points (including otherwise inaccessible points often found in TMJ), or to the acupuncture points used in traditional Chinese medicine.  This treats the points without the need for acupuncture needles, or the sometimes painful pressure of acupressure techniques.

For more technical information on frequency-specific microcurrent therapy, please see:

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