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New Therapy
Relieves the Pain

The pain of TMJ can remain like an unwanted houseguest, long after the structural problems have been corrected.  Dealing with that pain has defied the best efforts of our medical community.

Sports medicine has long known that localized electrical current can be used to block pain for professional athletes.  Yet the blocking is artificial.  It is only masking the pain.

Locating Trigger Points

"The treatment is not complete until the headaches and the pain are gone!"

Application of 
Microcurrent can heal the muscle 
& relieve the pain!

What medicine has now discovered is that less is better!

Graphite Gloves deliver Microcurrent directly where it's neededSmaller amounts of electrical current, "microcurrent" will more closely mimic the energy levels of everyday cellular metabolism.  Measured in the millionths of an amp, this energy can be utilized directly by the muscle cell to accomplish its own healing tasks.  Consider the process.

When an injury occurs to muscle tissue, it becomes inflamed.  Circulation of blood to the damaged tissue is impaired.  The body creates more pain neurons to service the damaged area and delivers fewer nutrients to repair it.

The damage can and often does accumulate.

While the actual amount of electricity is too small to be felt by the patient, muscle tissue can put it to profound and immediate use;  increasing cell wall permeability for the easy transfer of nutrients and electrolytes, stimulating critical protein production and promoting ATP (natural biochemical energy) production.  These positives begin happening immediately upon the first application.

Patients usually feel relief 
with the first treatment!

Trigger Points are easy to locateThe current expertise of Dentists and other TMJ specialists are adequate to correct the structural and functional problems.  The pain and the possible remanifestation of functional difficulty arise because of damage and scar tissue within the muscles of the jaw.  This damage, referred to as "Trigger Points", will likely go untreated if they do not heal of their own accord.

The good news is that Trigger Points can be effectively treated and eliminated with microcurrent therapy.  TMJ no longer has to be a life sentence of disabling pain that often remains after these structural problems have been corrected.  Microcurrent treatment can relieve the pain and relax the jaw muscles.  TMJ patients can look forward to relief after years of suffering.

If you have a patient or a friend that currently suffers from the frustrations of lingering TMJ pain, please refer them for an evaluation.  The odds are now in their favor.

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